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Schleich 14693 Beaver


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Beaver (Castoridae)

Beavers are large rodents. With their physique, their webbing and their flat rudder tail, they are perfectly adapted to a life in the water. They fell trees and build dams and beaver’s lodges.


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Fun Facts

Beavers have extremely strong, red-orange front teeth.

  • Conservation Status: Least Concern (LC)
  • Global Home: North America, Europe and Asia
  • Primary Habitat: Forest

Beavers are rodents that have perfectly adapted to a life in the water with the help of their spindle-shaped bodies, their webbing and their flat tails. These animals can reach a length of more than one metre and weigh over 30 kilograms. Their especially thick fur protects them from wetness and cold. Beavers fell trees to build dams and therefore they influence their natural environment considerably. A beaver’s lodge entrance lies always underwater, perfectly protecting these animals from being attacked by predators - except humans, who almost wiped them out in Europe. After releasing the beavers back into the wild, the population is slowly recovering.

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Schleich 14693 Beaver

Schleich 14693 Beaver